Norwich Union Bowling Club



Norwich Union Bowling Club was originally formed for retired and current employees of Norwich Union Insurance Group (now known as Aviva plc). Membership is not now restricted to current and past employees of Aviva plc and new members are always welcome. (See contact telephone numbers at the end of this page).

Club History 

A small green area existed behind the building housing the Fire Society Head Office and this was properly laid out as a bowling green in 1901 with Norwich Union Bowling Club having been formed a year earlier in 1900.
In 1920, a Sports Ground off School Lane in Thorpe St. Andrew was purchased by Norwich Union and a bowling green was laid in 1928 with games being played under NCBA Rules, though the Club did not formally affiliate to NCBA until the early 1950s when we played in the Norwich Business Houses League.

Pinebanks, previously the home of the Jerrold family, was bought in 1953. In 1955 NUBC became affiliated to Norfolk EBA ( renamed Norfolk Bowls Association) whose league we still play in. A bowling green was laid at Pinebanks in 1959 and this was played on until Norwich Union (now renamed Aviva Plc) sold the Pinebanks Sports Club grounds  in August 2008. The Pinebanks green had been a great favourite of County sides and touring teams owing to its superb playing surface and historic surroundings.

In April 2009, the club moved to share the excellent green and facilities at County Arts Bowls Club, just off the Plumstead Road in Norwich.. We currently play in the East Division 1 league, the Lord Fermoy Cup and have a number of internal competitions and one or two friendly matches. The season runs from late April until early September each year.

The current officers of the club are as follows;

Club President- Roger Harrison (01603 700872)

Secretary- Richard Anguish (01502 578903)

Treasurer- Steve Goodley (01493 750211)

EBA Team Captain-Paul Wilson

One thought on “Norwich Union Bowling Club

  1. please note you are playing diss & district in Fermoy Cup not Wortwell as website shows as Diss won this game 42-34 , the website has this result the wrong way around


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